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Christine Dekkers

South West, FL


Photography since a child, Oils and Acrylics since 1987, Digital Art since 2008, Watercolor 2013 Christine Dekkers was born in Peoria IL. She lived in New England, Pittsburgh, Austin TX and Chicago she now spends her time between SW Florida and NY. She has traveled the globe finding inspiration and beauty in diverse landscapes, architecture, artists and cultures. Her mediums are Painting Oils , Acrylics, Watercolor, Plein Air, Photography, Digital Art. She has been a photographer since a child with my brownie (from my grandmother) and kodak Instamatic. “ In my lens I look for things that call out saying; “me, me!” things that inspire emotion, thought or tell a story.” “Things that will have a name or quip about them.” Her introduction to Oils and Acrylics came in 1987 She paints in the impressionism and modern styles and more recently Plein air. “ I love color and want to make space come alive and dance”. Her experimentation and expression with Digital art started in 2008, in a modern abstract art style. “This is the ultimate in creating and playing, sometimes I go too far and need to go back to what I started with, LOL! “ Christine is a former executive for fortune 100. “ I've been waiting my whole life to share my creative side!” Christine Dekkers joined Fine Art America on November 15th, 2012. Artwork Feed Events Feed Blog Feed


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